April 2020 Results 





* Ring One Photo Showing *



Class 1 Bling In The Show Ring Condition and Turnout - Judged by B. Webb

Judges comment - I think all the judges have had a hard time judging this month and this class was no different. Beautiful entries and some very well presented horses and riders/handlers. The placed entries were nearly impossible to split, especially the top 3. Well done everyone!

1st Nikki Thurstan and Sovereign Acres Lancelot. Impeccably turned out, nothing out of place. Beautiful!

2nd Emma Taylor and Novato Salvatella. Another stunning entry. Lovely to see you show different ways of presenting you and your horse.

3rd Gaynor Rose and Zyta. Gorgeous horse and rider.

4th Tonya Fortune and Paddy Sox

5th Sarah Burns and Tommy Trouble

6th Victoria Summers and Smalleybrook Royal Occasion

7th Penny O'Connor and Jack

8th Michelle Gale and Pandora’s cosmic gold

9th Kate Scorey-Sayer and Llanai Guardsman

10th Pamela Meagher and Lucy


Padraig Quinn and Ellistown Morgan









Class 2 Bex's Browbands and Collars Best Ridden Horse/Pony - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Sophie Cartmell and Stanley Grange Regal Consort

2nd Hannah Chalky and Bradwell Dun Deal

3rd Emma Taylor and Novato Salvatella

4th Padraig Quinn and Ellistown Morgan

5th Gaynor Rose and Zyta

6th Emma Sheppard and Prince

7th Lily Nadir and Mullentine Sure Diamond

8th Sarah Burns and Tommy Trouble

9th Lucy Guttridge and Fleet Fox

10th Pamela Meagher and Lucy

Special: Emily Harnum and Monte









Class 3 IV Horse Best Veteran - Judged by B. Webb

Judges Comment - This is a class that is so close to my heart as my own mare is a wonderful veteran herself. So nice to see so many entries, even if it did make it nearly impossible to judge. All these horses are a credit to their owners and I am genuinely quite gutted I could only place 10 of you! Well done everyone.

1st Gaynor Rose and Flora (age 22) - A lovely little pony showing us age is really just a number. Nice to see that they are still very active and versatile.

2nd Zoe Lyne and Freckleton Excalibur (age 17) Very eye catching, lovely shiny coat as well.

3rd Nikki Thurstan and Laurelwood Sovereign (age 23) Adorable little pony, still looks very cheeky for their age.

4th Eva Rose Pinches and Delila (age 20)

5th Penny O'Connor and Jack (age 18)

6th Sheila Harris and Peppysimpressivelady (age 19)

7th Joanna Wright and Blackie (age 19)

8th Vicky Maxwell and Flynn (age 20)

9th Nikki Thurstan and WP Tamara (age 20)

10th Jordan Wood and RH Easy Street (age 27)

Special:  Jessica Williams and Charlie (age 17)









Class 4 Bex's Browbands and Collars Foreign Breeds - Judged by BB&C Team

Judge's comment: What a tough class this month. It was so lovely to see some really unusual breeds represented! Well done everyone.

1st Emma Taylor and Novato Salvatella

2nd Joanna Collcutt and Ornella

3rd Nikki Thurstan and Sovereign Acres Lancelot

4th Diane Tutty and Caluka Uk Dusk Till Dawn

5th Gaynor Rose and Zyta

6th Jacqueline Walden and Chocolat

7th Michelle Gale and Pandora’s Cosmic Gold

8th Hannah Yelland and Quarrystone Eddies Dream

9th Sophie Payne and Snowy Lad

10th Sarah Villanueva and Bordesley Golden Prosecco

Special: Sheila Harris and Peppysimpressivelady









Class 5 Best Cob/Cob Type - Judged by B. Webb

Judges comment - Really enjoyed judging this class. Such lovely cobs and each entry was so well presented making it very hard to judge. Well done to you all!

1st Tonya Fortune and Paddy Sox. If you looked up cob in the dictionary I am sure you would find this chap! Wonderful entry, very eyecatching!

2nd Sarah Walker and Blossom. Another strong entry, gorgeous shiny coat. Lovely.

3rd Claire Brewer and Paddington Bear. Love the fluffy looking feather, a really nicely put together cob.

4th Ella Coleman and Beauty Boy

5th Andrea Vizard and Merlin

6th Courtney Holden and A Splash of Colour

7th Abbie Mulholland

8th Anne-Marie Smith and Clancy

9th Debbie Downey and Zebedee

10th Charlotte Brain and Mitcharon Magic Touch

Special: Jackie Hall and Harvey









Class 6 IV Horse Best Miniature Type - Judged by B. Woolf

1st Meg Collier and Black Spirits Little Bliss

2nd Diane Tutty and Cloud

3rd Michelle Gale and Pandora’s Cosmic Gold

4th Mila-Rose Drummond and Barbie

5th Vanessa Robertson and Rocket

6th Heather Morris and Daneishas Buzby

7th Laurie LaMontagne and Peanut

8th Diane Tutty and Doris

9th Penny O’Connor and Binky

10th Bryony Culshaw and Heysmoor Land of Confusion












* Ring Two Photo Showing *



Class 7 Horsehair Keepsakes & Jewellery by Chloe My Horse and I - Judged by HK&J Team

1st Sophie Payne and Snowy Lad

2nd Grace Noel and Coco

3rd Ryan Baker and Sovereign Acres Shao Kahn

4th Pippa Tunstall and Batman

5th Toni Heath and Raphael

6th Maisie James and Sailor

7th Gaynor Rose, Lily and Zyta

8th Kenzie Smith and Ladylike

9th Kelly Hart and Heza Precious Jewel

10th Catherine Cowie and Woody and Danny


Joanna Collcutt and Ornella

Lucie Jane Clarke and Just William









Class 8 For Fox Sake Boutique Spring is in the Air - Judged by For Fox Sake Team

1st Victoria Henry

2nd Destiny Tail and Charlie

3rd Debbie Buckle and Pringle

4th Gaynor Rose and Zaafir ibn Mukhtar

5th Beverley Crispin and Nellie

6th Emily Harnum and Monte

7th Emma Sheppard and Bertie

8th Sophie Cartmell and Oxton Charisma

9th Lilly Grace Pinches and Earl

10th Vicky Maxwell and Flynn









Class 9 Funky Gee-Gees Best Captioned Photo - Judged by FGG Team

Judge's comment:  My word this was a hard one to judge this month, all your photos really made me smile! So many strong entries <3

1st Diane Tutty - Your photo really made me chuckle, such funny little ponies haha!!

2nd Debbie Buckle and Pringle

3rd Victoria Summers and Penniment Miss Dynamite

4th Jacqueline Walden and Forty, Chocolat and Merguez

5th Katy Gillibrand and Coco, Coco and Bobo

6th Maisie James and Sailor

7th Nicola Jayne and Lizzie

8th Jackie Hall and Harvey (pic1)

9th  Lucy Ross and Febe

10th Harley-Marie Evens and Twix


Grace Noel and Coco









Class 10 Best Action Shot - Sponsored and Judged by J Johnson Transport

1st  Jessica Williams and Charlie - Fantastic picture

2nd Andrea Vizard and Merlin - Brilliant

3rd Brooke England and The Lucky Deal - Wonderful

4th Jackie Hall and Harvey (pic 1)

5th Gaynor Rose and Zaafir ibn Mukhtar

6th Hannah Chalky and Bradwell Dun Deal

7th Kenzie Smith and Skipping School

8th Linda Boswell and Ollie

9th Sophie Cartmell and Oxton Charisma

10th Victoria Summers and Smalleybrook Royal Occasion


Vanessa Robertson and Silver Cracker









Class 11 Jacqui-Marie Designs Best Stable Shot - Judged by JM Designs Team

1st Julie Williams and Woody

2nd Joanna Collcutt and Ornella

3rd Sarah Newman and Potter and Parker

4th Diane Tutty and Lil, Sinbad and Suzie

5th Lucie Jane Clarke and Just William

6th Andrea Vizard and Merlin

7th Amelia and Victoria and Melbost

8th Gaynor Rose and Zaafir ibn Mukhtar

9th Fiona Lowrey and Rocky

10th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

Special:  Ingrid Jolley and Danny









Class 12 Flaxen Equestrian Best Monochrome - Judged by FE Team

1st Lauren Bee and Storm

2nd Ryan Baker and Sovereign Acres Shao Kahn

3rd Jade-Victoria Frame and 5 Star Frankie

4th Nicola Moore and Millie’s Charm

5th Abi and Bubbles

6th Lucy Ross and Febe (home edition)

7th Talia Peters and Moose

8th Alice Evans and Dennis

9th- Vicky Maxwell and Flynn

10th Kayleigh Ferreira and RH Silver Sunrise

Special: Grace Noel and Sparky

Special: Sophie Noel and Shouldhavehadthat









Class 13 HSO Next Top Model, judged by Z Burton.

A big class with lots of lovely entries! Was very hard to choose and wanted to say well done to all the top models!

1st Catherine Beniston and Heald Town Mara

2nd Toni Heath and Raphael

3rd Emily Harnum and Monte

4th Anne-Marie Smith and Clancy

5th Sophie Payne and Snowy Lad

6th Rachael Hurd and Tiffany

7th Nikki Thurstan and Sovereign Acres Lancelot

8th Kelly Steel and Ciliane Liberty

9th Joanna Collcutt and Ornella

10th Heather Morris and Hotz









Class 14 Best Newcomer - Sponsored and Judged by Marie Wilson

1st Heather Campbell and Gina

2nd Maisie James and Sailor

3rd Kayleigh Ferreira and Lucy and Angus

4th Lauren Bee and Timmy

5th  Sophie Payne and Snowy Lad

6th Stacey Gaskell and Kaz

7th Jessica Williams and Charlie

8th Sheila Harris and Peppysimpressivelady

9th Emma Taylor and Novato Salvatella

10th Jacqueline Walden and Chocolat


Beverley Crispin and Nellie









Class 15 Star equine & animal edits My Favourite Pet Photo - Judged by SE&AE Team

1st Sophie Cartmell and Blu

2nd Donna Reynolds and Dougal

3rd Jade Wheeler and Nala

4th Gemma Shucksmith and Levi

5th Donna Brindley and Opie

6th Ingrid Jolley and River

7th Gaynor Rose and Saphire

8th Stacey Gaskell

9th Ysabel Parkes

10th Zara Davis and Luna (Pic 2)


Nikki Thurstan and Andre Baker









Class 16 Happy Moments - Judged by S. Williams

Judge's comment:  A tremendously difficult task as all photos clearly showing happy moments with our much loved equines.  

1st Amy Lister and Sherbert - this is classic, he must be having happy dreams!

2nd Freya Jolley and Danny

3rd Vicky Maxwell and Flynn

4th Toni Heath and Raphael

5th Maisie James and Sailor

6th Sophie Noel and Shouldhavehadthat

7th Linda Boswell and Ollie

8th Jade Wheeler and Billy and Jimmy

9th Donna Brindley and Mickie

10th Pamela Meagher and Snowdrop



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