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Photographs of the present month's entries will stay on this website for up to a week after the the last day of entry and then they will be removed.  

How to Enter



Entering can be done in one of two ways.


The first option is currently only available if entering on a PC or laptop.  The form below must be completed, ensuring that you fill out your name, PayPal Email address, postal address (that you would like any prizes won to be sent to), class number(s) that you would like to enter, your horse's name, and link(s) to the image you want to use for the class entered.  A good method is to use a link to a photo on your Facebook page, or use Flikr. (If you use the Facebook method, please ensure your privacy settings for the photo album(s) are set to "public" to allow HSO to access your photo.)  


The second option is to send an entry via Email to You must ensure that you state your name, PayPal Email address, postal address, class number(s) that you would like to enter, your horse's name, and attached files of the photo you wish to use (please ensure each file is clearly labelled with the number of the class that you wish to enter it in).  


Please ensure your photographs are 1MB or less in size.  If they are over 1MB they will be resized into a standard smaller size but this will slow the whole uploading process down.  


Once your entry has been received, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal (this could take up to 48 hours).  Once payment has been cleared, your photos will then be uploaded onto the website under "Entries" page (this could take up to 72 hours).  


Please note that for optimal viewing of Current Entries, a browser other than Safari is recommended.



Payment can also made cheque, Postal Order or direct bank transfer.  


Please note that your entry fee covers second class postage.  If you would like first class recorded or are an international entrant, please inform me via Email when results are anounced if you are placed in any classes.



If you are having any difficulties entering, or need any more help please do not hesitate to contact HSO at  











Do you have a question?  Frequently asked questions can be found


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