Renaissance Rosettes Points League

December-March 2019


Renaissance Rosette sponsor HSO's Points League which runs every four months:






Points are awarded 1st-6th place in all photo showing classes (excluding dog/pet classes) as follows:  


1st place    6 points

2nd place   5 points

3rd place    4 points

4th place    3 points

5th place    2 points

6th place    1 points



At the end of the four months for each points league, the top ten entrants will receive super size rosettes.  



Please note that unless otherwise stipulated, entrants who enter from one address will be grouped together - eg. sisters/brothers.  If you would prefer them gain points individually, this must be made clear before their entry.  



In the event of an equal number of points, the higher placing will be given to the entrant with the highest placing in the most recent show.  If this is a tie also, then it will go to the entrant with the highest number of points gained in the most recent show.  


Rosettes from the Points League will be sent out a month after the Points League finishes (eg., if it finishes after October's show then rosettes will be sent out with November's rosettes.  If classes are entered in the following month's show then postage for the Points League rosette will be free of charge.  If no classes are entered in the following month's show, then a contribution of £1.50 towards postage will be asked for.


Competitors are strongly advised to double check their points and if there are any discrepancies to Email




Top Twenty Renaissance Rosettes December-March Points League (after February's show) :  


Daniela Roscher 45

Dawn Heath 42

Jen Smallshaw 41

Sharon/Lily Barth 36

Cassie Giordano 34

Julie Williams 28

Amy Ward 26

Tracey Messadie 22

Gabby Smith 21

Jo Collcutt 20

Trisha Spettel 20

Karen Schröder 20

Katrin Zimmermann 18

Tina Johnson 17

Sophie Jones 16

Beverly Thomson 15

Michelle Spiers 15

Jazmin Ward 13

Jade Wheeler 13

Nina Lee 13


Please note that only the top ten are featured here. If you are not in the top twenty and you would like to know where you rank, please Email