July 2018 Results





* Ring One Photo Showing *



Class 1 Bex's Browbands and Collars Condition and Turnout - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

2nd Amy Ward and Chipmunk

3rd Lilly Barth and Max

4th Mary Johnson and Bobby Joe

5th Andrea Wilkinson and Pablo

6th Siobhan Dallaway and Grace

7th Emma Powell and Teddy

8th Caroline Tobin and Columcille Hil

9th Tina Johnson and Sally

10th Jane Priest and Rhewl Expression


Class 2 IV Horse Best Cob/Cob Type - Judged by Homelands Show Team

1st Tonya Fortune and Paddy Sox - lovely show cob

2nd Caitlain Smith and Cassie - not only a lovely cob but a nicely even marked coloured, lovely!

3rd Billie Lincoln and Jericho

4th Maddy Day and Dodger- very well matured youngster, going to be a nice boy

5th Lisa Donovan and Kizz & Tell 2

6th Tina Johnson and Sally

7th Amy Ward and Chipmunk

8th Henri Senn and Bob

9th Emma Powell and Teddy

10th Hannah Gillard and Finlay - lovely condition


Class 3 Bex's Browbands and Collars Best Cross Country Jump - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Alison Kimber and Tamarind

2nd Cassi Moss and Thor

3rd Caroline Tobin and Horse Lady Hillingdon

4th Andrea Wilkinson and Pablo

5th Emma Sheppard and Prince

6th Jo Fairbrother and Hardy

7th Sarah Oliver and Millie

8th Siobhan Dallaway and Grace

9th Alice Thomas and Layla

10th Sarah Cheadle and Brodie


Class 4 Forever Amber Best All Rounder - Judged by S. Morgan 

1st Sarah Oliver and Millie (lovely smart pony, can turn her hoof to anything. Can I buy her?! )

2nd Dawn Heath and Clyde

3rd Andrea Wilkinson and Pablo 

4th Amy Ward and Chipmunk 

5th Emma Sheppard and Prince 

6th Becca Emery and Bertie 

7th Zoe Cheek and Sky 

8th Siobhan Dallaway and Grace 

9th Sandy Dickson and Scooter 

10th Billie Lincoln and Jericho


Class 5 Nifty Pet Halt, Immobility and Salute - Judged by S. Morgan

1st Henri Senn and Bob (love the angle this photo is taken and beautifully square)

2nd Andrea Wilkinson and Pablo

3rd Caroline Tobin and Columcille Hill

4th Kayleigh Ferreira and Riding Hill Silver Sunrise

5th Cassie Moss and Thor

6th Camilla Jarvis and Rosco Gentleman

7th Josie Sheraton and Lenny

8th Julie Whalley and Llanarth Dignified

9th Dawn Heath and Clyde

10th Amy Ward and Chipmunk





* Ring Two Photo Showing *



Class 6 Devon Equine Crisis Support Cheeky Characters – Judged by DECS Team

1st Emily Harris and Cookie

2nd Joshua Williams and Robbie

3rd Amelia Robertson and Rocket

4th Wendy Burdett and Buddy

5th William and Joey

6th Natalie Mitchell and Kensa

7th Julie Williams and Woody

8th Dani Cummings and Cash

9th Sue Howes and Yoshie

10th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal


Class 7 NC Equestrian Best Headshot (mares) – Judged by NC Equestrian Team

1st Vanessa Robertson and Excellaya

2nd Beverly Thomson and Lily (Pic 2)

3rd Brenda Austin and Sheba

4th Diane Tutty and Poppy

5th Tina Johnson and Sally

6th Lisa Donovan and Kizz and Tell 2

7th Zoe Cheek and Skye

8th Emma Tarrant

9th Wendy Hollins and Dolores

10th Teri McNeil and Molly


Class 8 Bling In The Show Ring Best Headshot (boys) - Judged by BITSR Team

1st Julie Whalley and Llanarth Dignified

2nd Victoria Percey and Theo

3rd Ann Holland and Cadwagan Rastus

4th Caroline Tobin and Rannaldini

5th Julie Williams and Woody

6th Nina Lee and Wietse

7th Nicole Pearse and Harvey

8th Wendy Burdett and Buddy

9th Lilly May and Harry

10th Tracey Messadie and Rolo


Class 9 Best Friends - Sponsored by Horsehair Keepsakes & Jewellery by Chloe - Judged by HK&J Team 

1st Holly Hitter and Epona

2nd William, Alice and Joey

3rd Hazel Watts and Amber and Matti

4th Melissa Middleton and Bertie

5th Chloe Rose and Ella

6th Wendy Hollins and Hamish

7th Shirley Bradley and Khorus

8th Lilly May and Harry

9th Tracy Moorcroft and Jake

10th Nicole Pearse and Harry


Class 10 Back in the Day - Judged by Z Burton. 

1st Cassie Giordano and Beebop

2nd Wendy Burdett and Cloud

3rd Sue Howes

4th Natalie Mitchell and Banjo

5th Alison Kimber and Tula and Amber

6th Diane Tutty and Lady and foal 1920s

7th Wendy Burdett and Starsky (pic 1) 

8th Alice Thomas

9th Alison Kimber and Amber

10th Diane Tutty and Tally


Class 11 Summer Hacking - Judged by Z Burton

1st Holly Hitter and Friends and Epona

2nd Chloe Rose and Ella (pic 2)

3rd Kayleigh Ferreira and Lucy

4th Holly Hitter and Ruby and Epona and Clarence

5th Sophie Joy and Pete (Pic 2)

6th  Eden Judd and Sky

7th Dawn Heath and Clyde

8th Josie Shereston and Home Alone

9th Andrea Wilkinson and Pablo (Pic 2) 

10th Alison Taylor and Joey


Class 12 The Adventures of Ghost Best Equine Poser - Judged by TAOG Team

1st Lucy Powell and LVR Sophie’s Eclipse

2nd Maddy Day and Dodger

3rd Billie Lincoln and Jack

4th Hazel Watts and Solstice Thunderstruck

5th Beverly Thomson and Nico

6th Caroline Tobin and Rannaldini

7th Julie Williams and Woody

8th Dawn Heath and Izzy

9th Tania O'Connel and Pen

10th Amy Ward and Chipmunk


Class 13 Equisafety Most Scenic Photo - Judged by Equisafety Team 

1st Natalie Mitchell and Kensa

2nd Jessica Grant and Oscar (1)

3rd Dawn Heath and Chip

4th Caddie Giordano and Bullseye

5th RHK and Cisco

6th Holly Hitter and Epona

7th Becca Emery and Bertie (1)

8th Nicole Pearse and Harry

9th Sophie Joy and Pete

10th Maddie Day and Dodger


Class 14 Hollywoods bespoke signs Best Newcomer - Judged by HBS Team

1st Holly Hitter and Mistrals Vegas Astraea

2nd Kayleigh Ferreira and Lucy

3rd Lucy and Barney

4th Tania O’Cconnel and Pen

5th Tracy Moorcroft and Jake

6th Dawn Heath and Clyde

7th Tracey Messadie and Role pic 2

8th Caroline Tobin and Columcille Hill

9th Diane Tutty and Aggie

10th Lilly May and Harry


Class 15 Laysoft Equine & Animal Bedding Best Horse Selfie - Judged by B. Woolf

1st Henri Senn and Bob and Friends

2nd Sophie Joy and Pete

3rd Nicola Pearse and Harvey

4th Hazel Watts and Solstice Forever Autumn

5th Julie Williams and Woody

6th Diane Tutty and Tally

7th Caitlain Smith and Cassie

8th Dawn Conner and Ahsanu

9th Chloe Rose and Ella

10th Cassie Giordano and Goodness Gracious