June 2020 Results





*Ring One Photo Showing * 



Class 1 IV Horse Condition and Turnout - Judged by B. Webb

Judges comment - The standard of the entries in this class were extremely high this month, it was nearly impossible to separate. Very well done to all entries, your horses are a credit to you.

1st Ann Holland and Bannut Evangeline. Impeccable turnout of horse and handler. Lovely pony, well done.

2nd Kylie Gleeson and Black Tie Affair. Gorgeous horse with a lovely shiny coat. Beautiful.

3rd Daniela Roscher and Alf. Beautifully turned out.

4th Meg Matthews and Banbury Park Regal Colours

5th Lexi McSherry and Nantcol Sir William

6th Melanie Greenwood and Larnel McCoy

7th Thomasina O’Reilly and Rosscon Camille

8th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

9th Breda Horgan and Astral Heartbreaker

10th Katie Noble and Autumn

Special: Hollie Adamson and Cwmmawr Lexus









Class 2 Bling In The Show Ring Best All Rounder - Judged by BITSR Team

1st Rosie Ashforth and Coolmoyne Molly

2nd Katie Noble and Autumn

3rd Rebecca Gray and MSQ Bohiemiah Crystal

4th Freya Jolley and Danny

5th Abby O'Neill and Jackpot

6th Barbara Maguire and Blue

7th Melanie Greenwood and Larnel McCoy

8th Claire Lewis and Perriland Leonardo

9th Orla Owens and Cool Cavatina

10th Lucy Oetegenn and Chino









Class 3 Bex's Browbands and Collars Best Solid Colour - Judged by BB&C Team

J/C - Wow, this was an incredibly hard class to judge! Well done everyone who entered, I really struggled to narrow it down!

1st Lexi Mcsherry and Julmar Padgent

2nd Sally McIntyre and Silke fan de Lege Geaen

3rd Jackie Herbert and Anfield Star

4th Bella Taylor and Dante

5th Orla Owens and Cool Cavatina

6th Kylie Gleeson and Black Tie Affair

7th Breda Horgan and Astral Heartbreaker

8th Carly Molzer and Red

9th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

10th Rebecca Matthewman and Red Flute

Special: Chloe Richards and Robert Boczek









Class 4 IV Horse Best Open Coloured - Judged by B. Webb

Judges Comment - Absolutely beautiful entries. You all deserved a placing however sadly I could only place 10 of you. Well done everyone.

1st Katie Nobel and Autumn - Gorgeous horse with a lovely kind eye. Beautiful colour and I just adored the headshot.

2nd Nicole Emery and Whistlewell Badger. Well turned out and lovely markings. Well done.

3rd Lexi McSherry and Hilin Madryn. Lovely horse and rider combo. Really shiny coat, just beautiful.

4th Julie North and The Outlaw

5th Deb Lee and Apollo

6th Sheila Leonoard and Maydrum Rumble

7th Anne-Marie Smith and Clancy

8th Katrina Doubleday and Danny

9th Daniela Roscher and Pallo

10th Ann Holland and Cadwagon Rastus

Special Nicola Jayne and Lizzie









Class 5 Airframe Assemblies Ltd Best Veteran - Judged by AA Team

1st Ann Holland and Tanian Titw Tomos

Gorgeous well done

2nd Harry Buchanan and Jordi

Lovely well done

3rd Fiona Lowrey and Badger

Beautiful well done

4th Amanda Chaplehow and Sherman

Wow well done

5th Imogen Simmonds and Lieutenant Bruce

Looking good for 40 well done

6th Julie Mountford and Eric well done

7th Lizzie Chamberlain and Ashley Mustique well done

8th Jade Park and Coco

well done

9th Erin Young and Meres Joker 3rd

well done

10th Greg Bond and Biscuit

well done

Special: Adeline Ross and Sylvester









Class 6 Bex's Browbands and Collars Best Trot - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Daniela Roscher and Pallo

2nd Tegan Campbell and Callowfeenish Rocky

3rd Leanne Tasker and Beau

4th Claire Lewis and Master Wickham

5th Breda Horgan and Astral Heartbreaker

6th Meg Matthews and Banbury Park Regal Colours

7th Sara Farrow

8th Catherine Beniston and Heald Town Mara

9th Katie Wright

10th Hollie Adamson and Prince

Special: Lexi Mcsherry and Caithness Bertie Bassett












* Ring Two Photo Showing *



Class 7 Jacqui-Marie Designs Best Transformation - Judged by JM Designs Team

1st Rebecca Matthewman and Red Flute

2nd Kayleigh Ferreira and RH Silver Sunrise

3rd Thomasina O'Reilly and Copperbeech Aoife

4th Kylie Gleeson and Painted Posh Sox

5th Kelly Hart and Kisstheothercheek

6th Leanne Lacey and Roxy

7th Kylie Gleeson and Saving Grace

8th Emma Ducker

9th Carol Truscott and Spice

10th Maria Wood and In The Buff

Special: Carly Bown and Duke









Class 8 Immy’s Pet Portraits Best Calendar Shot for May - Judged by PPP Team

1st Nicole Emery and Millie (Pic 1)

2nd Pamela Watmough and Mischka and Ferris

3rd Katie Benham and Summer

4th Julie Williams and Woody

5th Hollie Adamson and Cwmmawr Lexus and friends

6th Nina Taylor and Phoenix

7th Amanda Chapelhow and Joey and Sherman

8th Toni Heath and Raphael

9th Carly Molzer and Red

10th Daniela Roscher and Diva

Special: Greg Bond and Muffin and Biscuit









Class 9 Funky Gee-Gees Cheekiest Horse/Pony - Judged by S. Williams

1st Chloe Richards and George

2nd Jade Park and Barney

3rd Daniella Hardy and Fudge

4th Victoria Lorence and Mabel

5th Joe and Cheeky

6th Lauren Dance and Dandini

7th Freya Jolley and Precious

8th Ella Moyle and Mila

9th Holly Rotherham and Bracken

10th Sarah Shenton and Polly

Special:  Connie Whitbread and Norman









Class 10 Best Beach Shot - Judged and sponsored by Maria Wilson

1st Jasmine Peters and Phoebe - a wonderful action shot where horse and rider look like they're having fun

2nd Lucy Oetegenn and Chino

3rd Lauren Dance and Nelson

4th Lilia Whitworth and Lilly

5th Thomasina O'Reilly and Rosscon Camille

6th Kievy and Bonnie

7th Anna Kerins and Duke

8th Barbara Maguire and Blue

9th Sandra Cook and Renske

10th Hannah Bunting and Indiana









Class 11 Best Headshot (Mares) - judged by Z Burton

Wow! So many wonderful entries in this class! Wish I could have placed everyone!

1st Freya Jolley and Precious

2nd Thomasina O’Reilly and Rosscon Camille

3rd Nicole Emery and Millie (Pic 2)

4th Daniela Roscher and Diva

5th Becky Webb and Bonnie B

6th Val Strong and Westwick Beauty 111

7th Karen Oughton and Spring Water Macchiato

8th Alicia Stamp and Willow

9th Amanda Chapelhow and Grey Dawn

10th Veronika Taylor and Dolly

Special: Nicola Jayne and Lizzie









Class 12 J Johnson Transport Best Headshot (boys) - Judged by JJT Team

1st  Orla Owens and Doon Prince - Totally stunning

2nd Megan Bowsher and Eric - Gorgeous

3rd Lara Brennan and Victor - Beautiful

4th Carol Gardner and Troy

5th Carol Truscott

6th Adeline Ross and Sunside Star

7th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

8th Amanda Chapelhow and Archie

9th Debbie Downey and Zebedee

10th Julie Williams and Woody

Special Ann Holland and Cadwagan Rastus









Class 13 Horsehair Keepsakes & Jewellery by Chloe Precious Moments - Judged by HHK&J Team

1st Isabelle Gray and Silky Willow

2nd Amy Lister and Bandit and Sherbert

3rd Tegan Campbell and Callowfeenish Rocky

4th Veronika Taylor and Dolly

5th Greg Bond and Biscuit

6th Micheala Harrigan and Chestnut

7th Rachel Noel and Kye

8th Nicole Letham and Danny

9th Patricia Newman (Pic 2)

10th Amelie Francis-Lang and Cryistills Robin


Abby O'Neill and Marley

Ella Moyle and Jenny and Mila

Megan Bowsher and Sam









Class 14 Best Newcomer judged by Z Burton

1st Veronika Taylor and Dolly

2nd Sophie Noel and Shouldhavehadthat

3rd Freya Jolley and Precious

4th Karenza Fourie and Handsome

5th Patricia Newman

6th Kylie Gleeson and Black Tie Affair

7th Jemma Jeeves and Murph

8th Rachel Noel and Kye

9th Amelie Francis-Lang and Krypton Sirius

10th Ella Brown and Woody

Special: Katy Hayes and Holly









Class 15 Star equine & animal edits Pet Lockdown Photos - Judged by SE&AE Team

1st Rachael Hurd and Jess  

2nd Lucy Clarke and Chief  

3rd Nina Taylor and Big Bird

4th Debbie Downey and Storm

5th Sarah Shenton and Stanley

6th Donna Reynolds and Dougal and Tonto

7th Kelly Hart and Wyatt

8th Bella Taylor and Tuxy

9th Imogen Zybert and Ellie

10th Jackie Hall and Spike  









Class 16 Enchanting Eyes - Judged by S. Williams

1st Tina Johnson and Sally

2nd Amber Bond and Romeo

3rd Giselle Laverick and Frank

4th Nicola Jayne and Tegan

5th Connie Whitbread and Dazzle

6th Sara Willimott and Pearl

7th Rachael Hurd and Kimi

8th Erin Young and Meres Joker iii

9th Carol Truscott

10th Donna Brindley and Stan








* Ring Three Video Dressage *



HSO Training Test 1 - Judged by B. Webb

1st Henri Senn and Bob. 67.50%

2nd Katie Hayes and Cobby 64.72%

3rd Victoria Bowyer and Deytheur Cadro 64.10%

4th Emma McCabe and Hunter 61.11 %



Class 18 HSO Training Test Two - Judged by B. Webb

1st Lissie Britten and Paddy 67.75%

2nd Jacqui Taylor and Manordeilo Stallone 63.25%

3rd Lizzie Davies and Freebie 61.25%

4th Emma McCabe and Darcy 59.75%














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