March 2019 Results 




Ring One Photo Showing



Class 1 Bling In The Show Ring Condition and Turnout - Judged by BITSR Team

1st Sarah Burns and Tommy Trouble

2nd Debbie Blouet and Thomas Snow

3rd Tracey Messadie and Rolo

4th Vicky Lacey and Grace

5th Sharon and Lily Barth and Fergal

6th Karen Schröder and Diego

7th Alice Thomas and Layla

8th Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

9th Dawn Heath and Spierwood Ibiza

10th Nina Lee and Wietse






Class 2 IV Horse Best Veteran - Judged by B. Woolf 

1st Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

2nd Jessica Wymbs and Lucas

3rd Tanya Dennis and Beau

4th Naomi Stevens and Chloe

5th Molly Powner and Donald - J/C - aged 45...just wow! What an absolute sweatheart.

6th Hannah Powis and Narmi

7th Jessica Bullen and Prince

8th Maggie Kinsella and Zoola

9th Natasha Cockell and Bazil

10th Jade Wheeler and Jimmy






Class 3 IV Horse Best In Hand Horse/Pony - Judged by Homelands Show Team

1st Tara Pascoe

2nd Sharon and Lily Barth and Max

3rd Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

4th Michelle Brindle and Pru

5th Sharon and Lily Barth and Feral

6th Debbie Blouet and Thomas Snow

7th Gabby Smith and Cookie

8th Tina Johnson and Sally

9th Rebecca McLelland and Crumpwell Scully

10th Michelle Spiers and Dream






Class 4 Bex's Browbands and Collars Best Riding Club Type - Judged by BB&C Team 

1st Jessica Wymbs and JJ

2nd Vicky Lacey and Echo

3rd Zoe Cheek and Skye

4th Dawn Heath and Clyde

5th Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

6th Hailianne Schawo and Pony

7th Brooke Webb and Pelear Por Oro

8th Natasha Cockell and Bazil

9th Gabby Smith and Cookie

10th Ellie Pett and Sailor






Class 5 Jacqui-Marie Designs Dressage Divas - Judged by J-M Designs Team 

1st Tanya Dennis and Beau (Elem/Medium)

2nd Brooke Webb and Pelear Por Oro

3rd Karen Schröder and Diego

4th Nichola Clark and Totally Tallulah (Novice level)

5th Gabby Smith and Cookie

6th Michelle Brindle and Jasper

7th Hailianne Schawo and Pony

8th Jessica Wymbs and Atlas

9th Kayleigh Ferreira and Riding Hill Silver Sunrise

10th Ellie Pett and Sailor



Class 6 Bex's Browbands and Collars Trottastic - Judged by BB&C Team 

1st Sam Davies and Applejack

2nd Vanessa Robertson and Excellaya

3rd Bryony Fell and Diamond Geeeza

4th Cassie Giordano and Goodness Gracious

5th Dawn Heath and Ditch

6th Cassie Giordano and Bullseye

7th Karen Schroder and Diego

8th Tina Johnson and Sally

9th Emma Salt and Casper

10th Carolin Hojenski and Castor von der Berender Heide



Ring One Champion:  Sarah Burns and Tommy Trouble




Ring Two Photo Showing



Class 7 Devon Equine Crisis Support Team Make Me Smile - Judged by DECS Team 

1st William Barnes and Zac

2nd Nichola Clark and Two Dash’d California 

3rd Rachael Waldron and Marley

4th Kelsey Candler and Mac

5th Dawn Heath and Izzy and Ditch

6th Kayleigh Hood and Harry De L’Heute (Pic 3)

7th Jayne Connor and Olivia and Jack

8th Jessica Bullen and Bear

9thth Tina Johnson and Sally

10th Molly Powner and Fagan

SPECIALS (will receive a rosette) 

Karen Simons and Ruby and Freya

Leigh Packer and Barbie 






Class 8 NC Equestrian - Tales of an Amateur Equestrian Best Snow Shot - Judged by NCE Team 

1st Karen Schröder and Diego

2nd Cassie Giordano and Goodness Gracious 

3rd Michelle Brindle and Clip (pic 1)

4th Trisha Spettel and Vixen

5th Laurie LaMontange and Captain Courageous 

6th Julie Williams and Woody 

7th Kat Woodman Orome 

8th molly Powner and Fagan

9th Jessica Bullen and Prince and Bear 

10th Michelle Brindle and Clip (pic 2)






Class 9 Horse To Hound Just for Kids - Judged by Z Burton. 

What a lot of lovely ponies and their kids. Was so tough to decide. 

1st Jayne O’Connor, Olivia and Jack

2nd Aoife Culshaw and Heysmoor Land of Confusion

3rd Lily Barth and Fergal

4th Gabby Smith and Cookie

5th Hector Manning and Oakfield Merlin

6th Imogen McLelland and Stow Vantage

7th Alice Thomas and Layla

8th Rory Monaghan and Betty

9th Logan Edinborough and Frankie

10th Leo Monaghan and Betty






Class 10 Horsehair Keepsakes & Jewellery by Chloe My Favourite Photo - Judged by HK & J by Chloe Team 

1st Molly Steele and Mr Brightside 

2nd Dawn Heath and Chip

3rd Ellie Pett and Sailor

4th Chloe Ramsden and Paddy

5th Gabby Smith and Cookie

6th Leigh Packer and Barbie

7th Karen Schröder and Diego

8th Michelle Spiers and Dream 

9th Jessica Bullen and Prince

10th Chloe Rose and Ella

SPECIALS (will receive a rosette)

Tracey Messadie and Rolo  

Tina Johnson and Sally 






Class 11 Laysoft Equine & Animal Bedding Best Stable Shot - Judged by S. Williams 

1st Lisa Gidman and Billy The Kid (Billy looks such a character!!) 

2nd Trisha Spettel and Vixen (beautifully decorated Christmas stable) 

3rd Natasha Cockell and Bazil and Tom (two beautiful boys) 

4th Laurie LaMontagne and Peanut (adorably cute)

5th Julie Williams and Woody (Woody looks very self assured) 

6th Kayleigh Ferreira and Riding Hill Silver Sunrise (so cute together) 

7th Emilia Giles and Winston (what a handsome head to have over the stable door) 

8th Ellie Pett and Sailor (gorgeous, kind eyes) 

9th Elszunia Reilly and Apollo (mane goals!!) 

10th Jessica Bullen and Bear (very cute)






Class 12 Immy’s Pet Portraits Best Headshot (mares) - Judged by IPP Team 

1st Kirsty Maynard and Chukka

2nd Cassie Giordano and Goodness Gracious

3rd Vicky Lacey and Grace

4th Hailianne Schawo and Pony

5th Teri McNeil and Molly

6th Pauline Sandland and Topaz

7th Tina Johnson and Sally (Pic 2)

8th Zoe Cheek and Skye

9th Michelle Spiers and Dream

10th Maggie Kinsella and Zoola






Class 13 J Johnson Transport Best Headshot (boys) - Judged by JJT Team 

1st Debbie Blouet and Thomas Snow - Fantastic picture

2nd Michele Rumsey and Charlie - Beautiful

3rd Vicky Percey and Theo

4th Brooke Webb and Pelear Por Oro

5th Sharon Barth and Fergal

6th Julie Williams and Woody

7th Laurie LaMontagne and Peanut

8th Sarah Burns and Tommy Trouble

9th Carolin Hojenski and Castor Von der Berender Heide

10th Elizabeth Owen and Calico






Class 14 Kate Spratt Equine Art In Memory Of - Judged by S. Williams 

J/C - probably the hardest class ever judged as they are all winners, and you can see how much each and everyone horse was adored. Well done to all of you. 

1st Marlyn McInnes and Pippa (beautiful picture of a happy moment shared, very emotive) 

2nd Kirsty Wheatland and Crystal (well captured moment, you look so pleased) 

3rd Brooke Webb and Olivia’s Crowning Glory (very beautiful foal) 

4th Amy Brothwell and Bailey (he looked like he was super duper well looked after, look at that shine!)  

5th Helena Farmer and Court Jester (Pic 1)

6th Laurie LaMontagne and Bitty

7th Dawn Heath and Jeanie

8th Vicky Percey and Dynasty (very sweet eyes) 

9th Tracey Messadie and Rusty

10th Rebekah Annabel and Lady Vienna






Class 15 Hollywoods Bespoke Signs Best Newcomer - Judged by HBS Team

1st William Barnes and Zak

2nd Brooke Webb and Pelear Por Oro

3rd Maggie Kinsella and Zoola

4th Kelbi Gray and Pico

5th Anna Manning and Oakfield Merlin

6th Alice Thomas and Layla

7th Dawn Heath and Gazza

8th Pat and Rose

9th Ellie Pett and Sailor

10th Joanne Dabbs and Kizzy



Ring Two Champion:  Jayne O'Connor, Olivia and Jack

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