May 2019 Results





Ring One Photo Showing



Class 1 Bex's Browbands and CollarsCondition and Turnout - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Michelle Brindle and Pru

2nd Claire Gray and Honey

3rd Tracey Messadie and Rolo

4th Sharon and Lily Barth and Fergal

5th Anne-Marie Smith and Clancy

6th Sharon and Lily Barth and Max

7th Julie Williams and Woody

8th Stacey White and Lottie

9th Susan Jowsey and Montcalm Rafikis Delight

10th Kelbi Gray and Pico






Class 2 IV Horse Best Veteran - Judged by J. Titley

1st Natalie Mitchell and Hannah

2nd Amelia Ward and Fred

3rd Hannah Powis and Narmi

4th Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

5th Zoe Gaffer and Harry

6th Samantha James and Belle

7th Maddy Day and Harry

8th Donna Brindley and Mickie

9th Athene Turner and Marnie

10th Josie Shereston and Lenny






Class 3 Bex's Browbands and Collars Best Cross Country Jump - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Georgie Hadaway and Sammy

2nd Amelia Ward and Lara

3rd Fern Wilby and Chip

4th Amelia Ward and Fred

5th Georgie Hadaway and Meka

6th Amelia Ward and Midnight

7th Natalie Mitchell and Kensa

8th Audrey Newbrey and Flint

9th Stacey White (pic 2)

10th Lucy Polden and Oriana






Class 4 Jacqui-Marie Designs Best Youngster - Judged by J-MD Team

1st Audrey Newbrey and Vinnie

2nd Susan Jowsey and Montcalm Rafikis Delight

3rd Maddy Day and Minstrels Artful Dodger (age 3)

4th Dyan Fidler and Leia

5th Jessica Bullen and Bear (age 2)

6th Susan Barber and DragonKeep Coup d'Balou

7th Laura Davidson and Caoimhe (age 1)

8th Kerry Mumberson and Cruiz (age 3)

9th Lindsay White and Rivulet Windy Millern(age 3months)

10th Donna Brindley and Stan (age 2.5)






Class 5 Bling In The Show Ring Showing Stars - Judged by J. Titley

1st Clare Gray and Honey

2nd Julie Williams And Woody

3rd Sharon and Lily Barth and Max

4th Stacey White And Lottie

5th Michelle Brindle and Pru

6th Sammi Croft and Millie

7th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

8th Lindsay White and Millie

9th Hannah Powis And Narmi

10th Sharon And Lily Barth and Fergal



Ring One Champion:  Claire Gray and Honey






Ring Two Photo Showing



Class 6 Horsehair Keepsakes & Jewellery by Chloe Field Frolics - Judged by HK&J Team

1st Nina Lee and Wietse

2nd Annabelle Hughes and Deanie

3rd Jade Wheeler and Jimmy and friends

4th Kat Woodman and Orome and Galli

5th Gemma Stewart and Faline

6th Jessica Bullen and Bear and Prince

7th Josie Morrisey and Home Alone

8th Sam Davies and AppleJack

9th Amy Ward and Chipmunk

10th Alana Kerr and Mr T






Class 7 NC Equestrian - Tales of an Amateur EquestrianBest Monochrome Picture – Judged by S. Williams

1st Amelia Ward and Lara

2nd Gemma Stewart and CFS Exotiqa

3rd Hailianne Schawo and Pony

4th Pamela Aitken and Total Eclipse Amira

5th Julie Williams and Woody

6th Hannah Powis and Narmi

7th Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

8th Tina Johnson and Sally (Pic 1)

9th Tracey Messadie and Rolo

10th Lisa Gidman and Billy The Kid and Saffy






Class 8 Lay-Soft Animal Bedding Best Calendar Shot - Judged by S. Williams

1st Dyan Fidler and Bella and Leia

2nd Nina Lee and Wietse

3rd Julie Williams and Woody

4th Jessica Bullen and Bear and Prince

5th Hailianne Schawo and Pony

6th Stacey White and Lottie

7th Jackie Pursehouse and Minto

8th Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

9th Sue Fox and Paddington

10th Marie Abbot and Daisy (Pic 3)






Class 9 Marvellous Muzzles - Judged by Z Burton.

1st Sue Fox and Paddington and Rupert

2nd Athene Turner and Marnie

3rd Alana Kerr and Mr T

4th Cassie Senn and Bosco

5th Tracey Messadie and Rolo

6th Hailianne Schawo and Pony

7th Jessica Bullen and Bear

8th Sue Jones and Beanie (pic 2)

9th Amelia Marriott and Cayenne

10th Hannah Gillard and Jasper






Class 10 J Johnson Transport Cutest Pony - Judged by JJT Team

1st Katie Jack and Banjo

2nd Becky Rice-Chandler and Crumble

3rd Carol Percival and Soldier

4th Stacey White and Lottie

5th Sharon and Lily Barth and Max

6th Jackie Pursehouse and Minto

7th Kerry Mumberson and Angel

8th Aoife Culshaw-Fell and Heysmoor Land of Confusion

9th William Barnes and Zak

10th Isabelle Nichols






Class 11 Devon Equine Crisis Support Team Happy Hacking - Judged by DECS Team

1st Annabelle Hughes and Deanie

2nd Joe Waller Jones and Beanie

3rd Melanie Ellis and Our Ginger Prince

4th Athene Turner and Shoop

5th Chloe Rose and Ella

6th Michelle Brindle (pic 2)

7th Audrey Newbrey and Flint

8th Lucy Polden and Oriana

9th Julie Williams and Woody

10th Harry White and Lottie






Class 12 IV Horse Best Partnership - Judged by B. Woolf

1st Athene Turner and Marnie

2nd Emilia Giles and Winnie the Pooh

3rd Cassie Senn and Bosco

4th Sue Jones and Beanie and Gio

5th Vicky Hutton

6th Millie Rice-Chandler and Haffy

7th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

8th Annabelle Hughes and Deanie

9th Jessica Bullen and Prince

10th Frankie Parr and Bella






Class 13 Immy’s Pet Portraits Make Me Smile - Judged by IPP Team

1st Lisa Gidman and Billy The Kid

2nd Julie Williams and Woody - just fantastic

3rd Cassie Giordano and Goodness Gracious - this did make me chuckle

4th Jen Smallshaw and Benjamin

5th Hannah Bennett and Bobby Donald

6th Ruby White and Lottie

7th Vicky Hutton and Marsili

8th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal

9th William Barnes and Baby

10th Joe Waller Jones and Beanie (pic2)






Class 14 Hollywoods bespoke signs Best Newcomer - Judged by HBS Team

1st Harry White and Lottie

2nd Lindsay White and Parlington Orson

3rd Frankie Parr and Bella

4th Melanie Ellis and Our Ginger Promise

5th Marie Abbot and Daisy

6th Michelle Brindle

7th Audrey Newbrey and Gracie

8th Gemma Stewart and Faline

9th Alice Thomas and Layla

10th Melanie Ellis and Our Ginger Promise






Class 15 Kate Spratt Fine Art Memorable Moments. Judged by Z Burton

1st Josie Morrisey and Hone Alone and Lenny

2nd Jade Wheeler and Jimmy

3rd Georgie Hadaway and Triggs

4th Sammie Croft and Millie

5th Amy Ward and Chipmunk

6th Amelia Ward and Lara

7th Jackie Pursehouse and Willow

8th Carol Percival and Soldier

9th Amelia Ward and Fred

10th Logan Edinborough and Frankie



Champion:  Athene Turner and Marnie

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