May 2020 Results (available to far)





* Ring One Photo Showing *



Class 1 Bling In The Show Ring Condition and Turnout - Judged by BITSR Team

1st Bex Joint and Black Hall Basil

2nd Alice Thomas and Layla

3rd Breda Horgan and Hedgefield Enchantment

4th Vicky Maxwell and Flynn

5th Julie Williams and Woody

6th Priya Mason and Beverley Lucky Diva

7th Lexi Mcsherry and Marons Masterpiece

8th Evie Davidson and Diamonds For Dolly

9th Samantha George and Happy Daze

10th Debra Adderley and Memphis Blue









Class 2 IV Horse Best Competition Horse/Pony - Judged by B. Webb

1st Claire Lewis and Master Wickham. Gorgeous horse who really can turn his hoof to anything! Wonderful entry and a lovely selection of images!

2nd Padraig Quinn and Ellistown Morgan. Well turned out and talented horse. Well done!

3rd Katie Lawless and TS Vivendi Clover. Always a big fan of horses that make massive cross country fences look like small logs on a hack. Lovely entry, very neat jumper!

4th Andrea Marsh and Cologne

5th Samantha George and Happy Daze

6th Meg Matthews and Banbury Park Regal Colours

7th Claire Lewis and Beckham

8th Bex Woolf and Noddy

9th Laurie LaMontagne and Peanut

10th Fiona Lowrey and Rocky









Class 3 Bex's Browbands and Collars Jumping Stars - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Rosie Ashforth and Coolmoyne Molly

2nd Becca Emery and Bertie

3rd Emelye Trew and Paintpot

4th Sylvia Mcsherry and King Cobbler

5th Charlotte Hume and Clover Castle

6th Nicole Thomas (Pic 2)

7th Lauren Marsh and Henry

8th Kenzie Smith and Macho Man

9th Joanna Wright and Blackie

10th Charlotte Hicks and Joey (Pic 2)


Jacqueline Walden and Forty

Hannah Yelland and Quarrystone Eddies Dream









Class 4 Best Family Horse/Pony - Judged by S. Williams

1st Connie Whitbread and Dazzle – from show jumping one day, to looking after a tiny child over a small fence. Looks like she adapts to whoever is on her back, what a kind, genuine horse.

2nd Emma Grocott and Toodle Pip

3rd Michelle Brown and Stobthorne Holly

4th Davina Buchanan and Innellan Kittiwake

5th Rachel Noel and Kye

6th Courtney Holden

7th Kathryn Barber and Steephill Hello Bethan

8th Tracy West and Cody of Holmhead

9th Ella and Scarlett Brown and Storm

10th Debbie Downey and Zebedee









Class 5 IV Horse Best Youngster - Judged by B. Webb

1st Padraig Quinn and Max. Lovely youngster, well put together and beautifully turned out. Looks like a lovely horse for the future, well done.

2nd Breda Horgan Hedgefield Enchantment. Beautiful yearling, lovely shiny coat.

3rd Kate Sutton and Gordon's Star of Mine. Lovely markings, very striking youngster.

4th Victoria Summers and Penniment Miss Dynamite

5th Lucy Powell and LVR Sophie’s Eclipse

6th Catherine Beniston and Heald Town Mara

7th Debra Adderley and Memphis Blue

8th Katie Heath and Savouretti

9th Charlotte Brain and Mitcharon Magic Touch

10th Nicola Jayne and Tegan









Class 6 Bex's Browbands and Collars Best Canter Shot - Judged by BB&C Team

1st Vicky Maxwell and Flynn - your smile says it all! It looks like you are having the best time.

2nd Ella Coleman and Beauty Boy - you both look so lovely and relaxed in this photo. It simply made me smile!

3rd Hollie Adamson and Prince - the reflection in this photo is beautiful...and who wouldn't love to canter along the beach?!

4th Jacqueline Walden and Forty - what a cracking 'flying' action shot!

5th Kensa Young and Hector - oh my word...the mud!!

6th Julie Williams and Woody

7th Meg Matthews and Banbury Park Regal Colours

8th Kayleigh Ferreira and RH Silver Sunrise

9th Nicola Porter and King Of Chav's

10th Beverley Crispin


Emelye Trew and Paintpot

Nicola Jayne and Lizzie











* Ring Two Photo Showing *



Class 7 Horsehair Keepsakes & Jewellery by Chloe Best Captured Moment - Judged by HK&J Team

1st Jessica Grant and Oscar

2nd Julie Lindley and Sebastian

3rd Ella Coleman and Berty and Stripes

4th Toni Heath and Hughie

5th Jacqueline Walden and Chocolat

6th Gemma McMullen, Marcus and Puz

7th Rachel Noel and Kye (Pic 2)

8th Sophie Curran and Mr Pickles

9th Janelle Calder and Polly and Stella

10th Sharon Byrne and Foxy Phoenix


Kenzie Smith and Sugar

Claire Brewer and Paddington Bear

Debbie Downey and Zebedee









Class 8 Best Friends - Judged by B. Webb

1st Kenzie Smith and Ladylike. What a precious photo, I couldn’t stop smiling at this one! What a lovely partnership, well done.

2nd Grace Noel and Coco. What a gentle pony! Lovely photo.

3rd Jade Park and Monty - I can imagine these three being like thelwell ponies and getting up to mischief. After all what are best friends for!

4th Clare Mansfield - Smith and Dandy

5th Grace Camp - Burnett and Pete And Tater Tot (Pic 2)

6th Kathryn Barber and Shacklebridge Bambi

7th Nicola Porter and King Of Chavs

8th Sophie Noel and Shouldhavehadthat

9th Joe Lyndley and Cheeky

10th Debbie Downey and Zebedee


Anne Marie Smith and Randal

Katy Hayes and Cobby

Ella Coleman and Big Georgie and Big Robert









Class 9 Funky Gee-Gees Make The Judge Smile - Judged by FGG Team

1st Eloise Hilton and Palace Land of Magic. This really made me chuckle and so much thought went into it. Brilliant!!

2nd Joe Lindley and Cheeky

3rd Jade Park and Monty

4th Katie Penn and Carrie

5th Amy Lister and Bandit and Sherbert

6th Kenzie Smith and Buttercup

7th Lucy Ross and Cadaran Cadenza

8th Chloe Richards and George

9th Celine Lefebvre

10th Jade Park and Barney


Talia Peters and Jet

Debbie Buckle (Pic 2)









Class 10 Jacqui-Marie Designs Happy Hacking - Judged by JM Team

1st Barbara Maguire and Blue

2nd Pamela Meagher and Lucy

3rd Natalie Johnson and Evie

4th Sheila Harris and Cassie

5th Emelye Trew and Paintpot (Pic 1)

6th Vicky Maxwell and Flynn

7th Lucy Bowden and Burley

8th Julie Williams and Woody

9th Kayleigh Ferreira and RH Silver Sunrise

10th Evalyn and Sprinkles

Special: Madeleine Bibby









Class 11 Arty’s Adventures Prettiest Mare - Judged by AA Team

1st Bex Woolf and Spice

2nd Kenzie Smith and Devon

3rd Beverley Crispin

4th Briony Cutler and Luna

5th Breda Horgan and Renelles Royal Enchantment

6th Kathryn Barber and Steephill Hello Bethan

7th Talia Peters and Chestnut

8th Becky Webb and Bonnie B

9th Connie Whitbread and Darcy

10th Nicola Jayne and Ellie


Tracy West and Glaven’s Velvet Touch

Ellie Lockhart and Bee









Class 12 J Johnson Transport Handsomest Gelding/Stallion - Judged by JJ Team

1st Jo Newton and Blackdyke Duke - Absolutely stunning

2nd Bex Woolf and Noddy - Beautiful

3rd Liv Shaw and Ben

4th Katie Heath and Savouretti

5th Evie Mansfield-Smith and Rolo

6th Charlotte Hume and Clover Castle

7th Lara Brennan and Philip

8th Charlotte Brain and Mitcharon Magic Touch

9th Bex Joint and Black Hall Basil

10th Jadine Huxtable and Severnvale


Clare Mansfield-Smith and Dandy

Debra Adderley and Memphis Blue









Class 13 Immy’s Pet Portraits Best Natural Portrait - Judged by IPP Team

1st Talia Peters and Hugo

2nd Zoe Lyne and Hank

3rd Jess Ruane and Goggles

4th Kelly Hart and Whatevers Zippin

5th Anne-Marie Smith and Kai

6th Janelle Calder and Bucks Fizz FF

7th Beverley Crispin

8th Rachel Noel and Kye

9th Vaila Leask and Sprite

10th Vanessa Robertson and Excellaya (Pic 1)

Special: Andrea Vizard and Merlin









Class 14 Airframe Assemblies Ltd Best Newcomer - Judged by AA Team

1st Lesley Horn and Truffles

Well done

2nd Ella Coleman and Beauty Boy


3rd Sheila Harris and Tudor Rose

Good Looking lovely

4th Isabelle Davie and Pantmanr Jingle


5th Thomas Barber and Shacklebridge Bambi

6th Rebecca French and GB


7th Bex Joint and Black Hall Basil

8th Lucy Ross and Cadaron Cadenza


9th Sharon Bromwich and Mollie


10th Catherine Beniston and Kettlesnout Brother Scott



Jacqueline Walden and Chocolat

Lovely Boy









Class 15 Star equine & animal edits My Pets Best Friend - Judged by SE&AE Team

1st Gemma Mcullen

2nd Rachael Hurd and Jess and Orange

3rd Billy Mansfield and Baxter

4th Holly and Teddy

5th Donna Reynolds and Dougal and Tonto

6th Debbie Downey and choc lab friends

7th Grace Noel and Marley

8th Connie Whitbread and Jessie and Teddy

9th Angel and Millie

10th Lexi McSherry and Rosie









Class 16 Most Artistic - Judged by S. Williams  

1st Katie Penn and Carrie - something about the colours and pattern of the clouds that drew me to this picture  

2nd Barbara Maguire and Blue - something almost ethereal about this photo

3rd Kerrie Edwards and Max

4th Jacqueline Walden and Chocolat

5th Kayleigh Ferreira and RH Silver Sunrise

6th Sophie Noel and Shouldhavehadthat

7th Claire Brewer and Hercules

8th Rachael Hurd and Tiffany

9th Hollie Adamson and Cwmmawr Lexus

10th Anne-Marie Smith and Randal




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