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April 2014



The new Renaissance Rosettes Points League commences, with points gained from April's show.  




May 2013


We are pleased to announce regular sponsorship with Platinum Pony (  



April 2013



From April's show, it is now compulsory to wear a safety helmet at all times whilst mounted.  This rule was brought in after feedback from the Facebook page.  



February 2013


There will be a championship for Funky GeeGee's qualified entrants later in 2013 (month TBC).  To obtain qualification, you must win a Funky GeeGee's sponsored class. Qualified entrants can be viewed on HSO's Facebook page.  



January 2013


We are pleased to confirm that IV Horse will be continuing to sponsor two monthly classes, including their regular Best Turned Out monthly class.  The winner of the BTO class will will an embrodered browband AND a seasonal prize that will rotate every three months.  From January until March it will be a 100gram smart stable rug, available to view and purchse at  


We are also thrilled to announce regular sponsorship with Blaze Clothing (, and Equi-Ping, (  




November/December 2012



Renaissance Rosettes Horse Points League drew to a nail biting finish at the end of November's show, with Bex Guest and Noddy just pipping past the others to win with 27 points.  The top three horses/ponies were:  



Bex Guest's Noddy - 27

Jenny Connor's Disney - 27

Julie Evans' Jubilee Pageant Camdwr - 26.  




February 2012


Effective from February's show, if an entrant has entered one or more paid classes in the schedule and is not placed in ANY classes, then they will qualify for one free entry for the following month's show.  The free entry will run on each month until the entrant is placed.  


I have decided to implement this as a thank you for everyone who supports the show, and to help to stop anyone feeling despondent if they have entered the show and are not placed in any classes.