About Horse Shows Online ...


Horse Shows Online is run by Emma and was set up in May 2011 after an injury her horse sustained required several months box rest. In that time, Emma realised how reliant people are on many factors to go to shows. In addition to injury, there are also rising fuel costs, transport difficulties, loss of confidence, bad weather, shortage of shows, lack of time - the list is endless! Horse Shows Online was set up to allow individuals the oppourtunity to enjoy the pleasure of competing from the comfort of home simply by submitting an appropriate photo for the class(s) entered.  Emma strives to provide a friendly and professional service and runs the show as efficiently as possible to ensure competitors gain maximum enjoyment from online showing.  


Horse Shows Online is run monthly, and holds a mixture of  classes to suit everyones tastes; from the more formal showing classes right through to fun/novelty classes.  The aim is to provide every competitor with at least one class they can enter in!  In addition to stunning rosettes, competitors also have the chance to win trophies, sashes, and generous prizes provided by our sponsors. The top two placings in each class will also be entered into a championship each month to compete for overall Champion.


Classes cost £3 each and this includes the cost of second class posting of any prizes won.  (First Class Recorded Delivery and international postage will be made available at a cost.) Entries close on the last day of the month at 8pm (unless stated otherwise). Judging then commences and the results anounced within two days.  


There are also several video dressage classes held each month, aimed at the everyday horse and rider who would like to develop their dressage and improve their partnership with their horse.  Feedback is given in a constructive and encouraging manner on your test sheet and the entry fee is £11.  


All classes are judged by non-biased, selected individuals, and particularly for the more formal classes, judges either already have professional British Horse Society recognised equestrian qualifications to their name, and/or have had many years equestrian experience in various disciplines such as affiliated dressage, show jumping and eventing, and county level showing.  




Please note that classes are judged on the subject of the photograph and not on how good the photograph is itself, so you do not have to be a professional photographer in order to do well!  However, it is an advantage if the photograph is as clear as possible, and taken from a good angle to show the subject off.  



If an entrant has entered two or more paid classes in the schedule and is not placed in ANY classes, then they will qualify for one free entry for the following month's show.  The free entry will run on each month until the entrant is placed.  



Horse Shows Online welcomes any feedback/ideas/suggestions - our aim is make entering and competing as enjoyable as possible!  If you would like to get in touch please contact horseshowsonline@hotmail.co.uk



What Competitors Say....


"I like to enter Horse Shows Online because I can show so many people how beautiful Snowball is and I can see how lovely everyone else lovely horses and ponies are.  The rosettes are amazing, really BIG and lovely colours too.  I am happy when the judges like Snowball because he is the best pony in the world to me."

Joseff Evans and Snowball


"This is Jack speaking. I like being in HSO, it's better than real horse shows where I have to get up really early and have my hair done, wear my best clothes and stay clean ALL DAY. And I have to be on my best behaviour all the time. HSO means I can have my picture taken then spend the rest of the day rolling about in the filth, eating grass and making a mess."

Sue Howes and Jack


"I use the HSO website as Dinky (pictured) is just 4yrs old and we have just backed him, he is a bit excitable and cheeky but lovely with it :)  I am also trying to bring Prince, my other pony on, on who is 6 and wasn't very well schooled when we bought him 18mths ago, neither of them are ready to go to local shows yet, therefore HSO is really good for us to have an opportunity to be involved with showing and join in the fun with everyone."  

Janice Bates with Dinky


"This is Yoshi, I may be very naughty but my person has persuaded me to stop messing about and tell you why I like being in HSO.

I have been to a couple of regular horse shows and although I like the grass in the car park I really don't like going in the Hateful Horsebox and I fight about going in every time. The other thing I don't like about regular shows is the way other ponies and horses walk right behind me. I usually kick them, then I get told off. So I'd much rather have my picture taken at home and enter the HSO. That way I still get to show off and it leaves me much more time for lying down in my comfy bed, eating grass, and biting people. And nobody gets hurt..."

Sue Howes and Yoshi




Leah Houghton and Rocky Balboa

"We love taking part in Horse Shows Online because it's not always affordable to go out and compete, and unlike some horse shows there is a sense of community caring and understanding. Heres to many more!""

Leah with Rocky Balboa

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing the show! Its just as exciting as actually going to a show!"

Becky and Hugo


"‎Horse Shows Online has been so much fun, and it was the first ever photo comp I have entered and my boy came out with a first, champion and a 4th and 5th. HSO made the entry process so easy, and its been amazing fun at the end of the month waiting for results! The rosettes are excellent quality and Emma is more than helpful with entries and makes the process so easy!  I go out competing regulary, but HSO is so much more exciting!"

Kim and Fountain's Moon