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Class 10 Best Christmas Card Photo - Sponsored by Immy's Pet Portraits And Illustrations and judged by S. Backshall 
1st Beverley Crispin and Nellie

2nd Zoe Jackson and Larry and Naylor

3rd Megan McOuat and Flynn and Darcey

4th Becky Webb and Llanidan Portia

5th Cara Martin and Jodi

6th Vanessa Robertson and Excellaya

7th Ellie Walsh and Storm

8th Julie Williams and Woody

9th Robyn More and Kengarth Golden Dodger

10th Catherine Beniston and Scotty

Special: (will receive a HSO 'special' rosette) 

Scarlett Hanger and Millie, Daisy and Billy

Jonna Landen and Black Pearl

Erin Eaves and Rosa

Louzannah Rajah and Jak's No Fool 

Siany Dands

Lilly Crayton and Sinbo

Lisa Plumb and Marco 

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