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Class 12 Best Captured Moment - Judged by H. Senn
Judge's comment: A really tough class to judge as the photos are all so different. But I had to think about a “best captured moment” looking at content, presentation, and most important, that elusive “wow factor” which is just a gut reaction to a photo, but no matter where you all come, you ALL have the best horse. Never forget that

1st Jess Algate and Ruby Roo – the wow factor in bucket loads!! This is what having a horse is all about

2nd Kyra Davis and Fizzy – the perfect name for a games pony! And a brilliantly captured action pic

3rd Ronii Mawer and Murphy and Stormzy – synchronised rearing, brilliant!

4th Crystal Brown and Raven – great capture, made me chuckle!

5th Alicia Lewis and Esmae and Tabby – their love for each other shines through

6th Chelsea Thornton and Naamloos Fleurtie – a picture of harmony

7th Crystal Mae and Betsy – how we all wish we could have done this last week in the heatwave!

8th Harriet Morgan and Cothi – lovely happy faces

9th Toni Czogalik and Bobby – the perfect ears forward photo

10th Tina Johnson and Honey – a levitating horse, fabulous!


Rosie and Phantom

Neve Dunn and Bonny

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