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Class 7 Make The Judge Laugh - Sponsored and judged by Lost Loves Embroidery
1st Becca Bertram and Hendir Jubilee Sun and Hendir Victor Rum

2nd Lucy Hancock and Black Irish Beauty

3rd Nadine Smith and Mouse

4th Crystal Brown and Roo

5th Tracey Cattermore and Faithful

6th Maggie Flint and Rupert

7th Charlotte Chambers and Rocky

8th Sarah Rees and Guinness

9th Abby Palermo and Monty

10th Sinéad Hauser and Charlie Papa Lima


Sophie Lavender and Panda

Sam Friskney and Trouper and Friends

Claire Taylor and Toby

Madison Nicholls and Len

Ava Nelson and Cheeko

Helen Walford and Betsy and Bertie

Tina Johnson and Sally

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