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Class 10 Happy Hacking - Sponsored and judged by J Johnson Transport 
1st Charlotte Chambers and Tilly and Jakeman and Rico - Absolutely fantastic

2nd Maddison Nicholls and BooBoo and Len - Beautiful

3rd Cara and Rebecca and Brooke and Moonlight - Lovely

4th Harriet Morgan and Cothi

5th Maggie Flint and Rupert (pic 1)

6th Sammie Breton and Mariet

7th Megan Rose Marriott Henshaw and Bluewood Daisy (pic 1)

8th Heidi Oliver and Illane Swallow

9th Rosie Packham and Charlie

10th Amy Brothwell and Louie


Chelsea Thornton and Bonnie

Jas Osborne and Max

Chloe Caldwell and Billy

Ivy McDonald and Billy

Emma Pittard and Maisie

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