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HSO Walk and Trot Training Test 1a


1st Henri Senn and Bob - 69.73% 

2nd Kirsty Brown and Simply Charlotte - 68.68% 



1st Sharron Camp and Townend Eva - 71.05% 

2nd Hayley Parker and Tourmankin Tamdhu - 70.48% 

3rd Ellie Jo and Oak Trees Aventurine Crystal - 69.73% 

4th Lisa Hogg and Hugo - 69.47% 

5th Orlaith and Maisie 67.10% 

6th Georgia Palmer and Aabernethys Seren Cadlywydd - 66.57% 

7th Amy Jackman and Gypsy - 66.31% 

8th Joanna Scott and TS Diva 66.05% 

9th Heidi Budgell and Flipper 64.47% (it was the missed diagonal!) 

10th Martha Dunhill and Xena 63.15%

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