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HSO Walk Only Training Test 4 - Judged by H. Senn


1st April Wallis and Dreamcatcher Sky 73.53%

2nd Sharron Camp and Townend Eva 72.53%

3rd Bella Leyland and Velvet Harmony 71.18%

4th Amie Waygood and Teddy 70.29%

5th Alison Rush and Belle 69.41%


1st Dawn Monk and Lexie Lou 70.00%

2nd Lisa Lusty and Kernow Quinn 69.41%

3rd Elizabeth Wright and Inspector Gadget 68.82%

4th Samantha Marr and Spirit 67.94% (56 collectives)

5th April Wallis and Glasker Indian 67.94% (55 collectives)

6th Penny James and Ivee 65.29%

7th Alison Rush and Mustang 64.71%

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