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HSO Walk and Trot Training Test 1b - Judged by Sophie Vowles

1st Elizabeth Wright and Gypsy Gold 77.10%

2nd Emma Rennison and RS Felledge Jim 74.73%

3rd Francesca Wilson and Jeffrey 73.94% (higher collectives)

= 4th Henri Senn and Bob 73.94% (same collectives)

= 4th Yolanda Kading and Cersei 73.94% (same collectives)

6th Sharron Camp and Townend Eva 72.36% (higher collectives)

7th Lacey and Archie 72.36%


1st Hannah Powis and Cinnamon 79.21% (higher collectives)

2nd Dawn Monk and Lexie Lou 79.21%

3rd Francesca Wilson and Renaissance Ringo 72.3%

4th Jackie McNeil and Tannoch Valley Gabi 70.52%

5th Holly Mason and Katie 66.05%

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