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HSO Walk and Trot Training Test 1a - Judged by S. Vowles



1st Bithja Isabel Gehrke and Sam 78.6%

2nd Henri Senn and Bob 76.8%

3rd Sharron Camp and Townend Eva 74.47%

4th Emma Rennison and RS Felledge Sam 72.6%


1st Tricia Hammond and Blaze 75.2%

2nd Ellie-Jo Pratt and Oaktrees Aventurine Crystal 73.1%

3rd Hayley Clemson and Out Of The Blue 72.8%

4th Elizabeth Wright and Gypsy Gold 72.6% (collectives 59)

5th Yolanda Kading and Cersei 72.6% (collectives 58)

6th Joanna Scott and Tannoch Valley Geneva Moon 71.3% (collectives 58)

Velda McCune and Cislane Captain 71.3% (collectives 55)

Samantha Marr and Spirit 70.5%

Ellie-Jo Pratt and Big Eyed Beans From Venus (Sia) 68.9%

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