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Class 9 Perfect Pairs 
1st Melissa Mason and Lexi and Spirit - There’s something just really sweet and innocent about this photo. Really lovely, well done!

2nd Chelsea Thornton and King and Champ

3rd Alicia Lewis and Esmae and Tabby (Pic 1)

4th Ambr Hughes and Dennis and Wena

5th Amy Brothwell and Toffee and Popcorn

6th Lauren Saulnier and Marlie

7th Harriet Morgan and Cothi

8th Ella-Louise Burger and Bea and Fifi

9th Robyn Stroud and Kye

10th Destiny Swain and Murphy and Garry


Rachel Williams and Jack

Andrea Edge and Ben and Angel

Crissy and Dinah

Tina Johnson and Sally

Olivia Cutler and Eira

Amelia Lawton and Jumble

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