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Perfect Partners - Sponsored by Totally Turmeric and judged by N Jayne

1st Caroline Lamb and Sparks – 26 years between these photos, absolutely brilliant and what a lovely partnership.

2nd Reeva Duffy and Gucci – super super cute.

3rd Erin Eaves and Rosa – lovely bond.

4th Orlaith Rodger and Maisie (pic 1)

5th Erin Martin and Brianna Toffee

6th Olivia and Dakota

7th Layla-mae

8th Gemma Marasco and Peppa and Kos (pic 1)

9th Gemma Palmer and Marley Moo

10th Emma McElhinney, Charlie and Blue


Gemma Palmer and Purdy Pie

Jazmin Ward and Granite

Julie Williams and Woody

Alexandra Dodsworth and Mara

Tina Johnson and Sally

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