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HSO Training Test 4



1st Sharron Camp and Townend Eva - 73.25%


1st Heidi Budgell and Flipper 69.70%

2nd Charlie and Blue 69.41%

3rd Amie Waygood and Teddy 68.82%

=4th Melissa Middleton and Pompeii 68.23 (equal collectives)

=4th Elizabeth Wright and Inspector Gadget 68.23% (equal collectives)

6th Lisa Lusty and Kernow Quinn 67.94%

7th Elizabeth Wright and Gyspy Gold 67.64%

8th Charmaine Hamblin and Ace 67.05%

9th Kirsty Hunt and Dakota 66.76%

10th Holly Mason and Katie 66.47% (higher collectives)

11th Charmaine Hamblin and Sampson 66.47% (lower collectives)

12th Gilliant Webster and Prince 66.17%

13th Lily Mae Walker and Nahla 63.52%

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