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HSO Walk & Trot Training Test 1b - Judged by B. Webb


1st Sharron Camo and Townend Eva - 69.73%

2nd Henri Senn and Bob - 68.42%



1st Chloe Taylor Price and Poppy 68.94%

2nd Rachel Ball and Simon B 67.89%

3rd Emma Rennison and RS Felledge Jim 67.63%

=4th Lisa Lusty and Kerno Quinn 67.10% (equal collectives)

=4th Pheobe Miles and Mannie 67.10% (equal collectives)

6th - Lila Price and Cracker 66.84%

7th Patricia Hammond and Blaze 66.05%

8th Georgia Palmer and Aabernethys Seren Cadlywydd 65.78%

9th Ellie Jo and Sia 64.73%

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