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HSO Walk Only Training Test 2

1st Sam Backshall and Casper 75.00%

2nd Sharron Camp and Townend Eva 70.29%

3rd Alison Rush and Juana 69.41%

4th Georgia Abernethy Palmer and Aabernethys Seren Cadlywydd 69.11%

5th Amy Waygood and Teddy 68.82%

6th Alison Rush and Belle 68.52%

7th Heidi Budgell and Flipper 68.23%

8th Katie Jack and Zakita 67.35%

9th Amy Ward and Dakota Ward 67.05%

10th Kate Gillet and Prince Romeo 66.76%

11th Carol McClean and Maisie 65.58%

12th Layla McLaren and Sean 65.00%

13th Clair Matheson and Molly 64.11%

14th Gillian Webster and Prince 63.52%

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