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Picking the right photo ... 


Showing your horse/pony online can in some respects be considered harder than showing in “real life” as in “real” shows, you have the opportunity to show your horse off from different angles, allow the judge a close up inspection, and show off their movement and paces.  However, with online showing all you have to convince the judge you should win the class is one photo, capturing a fraction of a second in time and from one angle only.    


Therefore, to help improve your chances of success, a selection of tips are listed below.  The tips have been compiled from various sources, including competitors, judges and myself as a show organizer.  If you would like to add to the list, please Email me at  



*  Ensure your photo is as clear and in focus as possible to allow the judge to properly study your horse.



*  For classes that list conformation under judging criteria, consider using a side-on photo that allows the judge a chance to study your horse's conformation better than a front-on photo, for example.



* A cluttered, messy background can detract from the subject of the photo, try to ensure the background is as clear as possible.  



*  For classes that list rider's position under judging criteria, ensure the photograph gives the judge a good enough opportunity to give your riding position a fair appraisal.  The same applies for classes that judge horse's movement or jump.  



* For the majority of classes, a horse with his ears pricked and a bright, alert expression gives a better first impression than a horse with his head down and ears back (unless the class in question requests a sleepy pose!)  



* If the horse is standing still, a good square pose looks far neater than a horse standing resting a leg or not standing square.  



* If your horse is being shown without a rider, consider showing him without tack to ensure minimal visual distractions.



* Even if turnout is not mentioned in the judging criteria, a clean, well groomed horse will give a far greater first impression in the breed/colour/type classes.  



* If a collage to permitted, take advantage to allow the judge to appreciate your horse from different angles, during different movements, etc.  





A front-on jumping photo does not give the judge as good enough opportunity to access rider's position and technique as a side-on photo.  


A photo of your horse standing square gives a better impression than of a horse not standing with legs square (see above)


Preferably try to choose a photo of your horse with his eyes open and ears pricked!


To show your horse's head off, try to choose a photo of your horse with his ears pricked and an alert expression

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