HSO Video Dressage Points League

Kindly sponsored by Renaissance Rosettes & Ribbons and Goomoo Shop


Click HERE for the current points league.  

There are two annual points leagues, running from December-June 2022, and from July-December 2022.  

Points are gained in the walk only, walk and trot (intro) classes, training test 2 (prelim) classes and training test three (novice) classes.  
At the end of the league there will be super sized luxury rosettes for the top three for each class and also a prize from Goomoo shop for the winner (prize to be confirmed).  

Every entry automatically gets one point, and in addition points are awarded as follows to horse and rider combinations:  

58-59.99% = two points 

60.00-61.99% = three points

62.00-63.99% = four points

64.00-65.99% = five points

66.00-67.99% = six points

68.00-69.99% = seven points

70.00-71.99% = eight points

72.00-73.99% = nine points

74.00-75.99% = ten points

76.00-77.99% = eleven points

78.00-79.99% = twelve points

80.00% and above =  thirteen points

Each class can be entered each month more than once, on the same or a different horse, but only the highest score will count towards points.  
Entries ridden on different horses will carry separate points.  
In the event of a tie at the end of the points league, then the most recent highest % will count as the higher placing.  

Please note that 1st and 2nd place in each class in the points league will be unable to compete at the level they won at on the same horse after the points league has finished, unless H/C.