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Horse Shows Online Video Dressage



HSO Video Dressage is a fun and friendly online dressage competition aimed at the everyday horse and rider who would like to develop their dressage and improve their partnership with their horse.  


Feedback is given in a constructive and encouraging manner on your test sheet and there will also be regular additional material on HSO's Video Dressage Facebook group here, including hints and tips on how to relax, enjoy your test, improve between shows and ultimately show you and your horse/pony to the best of both of your abilities.  In addition to the general comments at the bottom of your scoresheet, the judge will also suggest one indivdually tailored exercise to work on for the following month to help focus your trainin

Points are gained every month and go towards an annual points league that finishes July 2023.


Each class will be split into open and restricted sections. Once a combination has scored 69% or more three times at the level entered they will automatically move into the open section of that level.  If a combination has scored 69% or more in a level above the one entered they will automatically be placed into the open section of the level entered.  On the website each combination will be marked as either being open or restricted.


Please state upon entering whether you wish your video to not be available for public viewing. 

Please film from behind 'C', ensure your phone/device is set into landscape mode and try to include some zoom in when the rider is at the far end of the arena.  Failure to do so may result in a reduction in marks if the judge cannot fully assess your movement.     

Please note that all scores for the dressage class will be announced after the closing date.  Scores and results will be published on the Facebook page and and on the website.  Test sheets will be Emailed.    

Entry fee covers the cost of 2nd class standard postage of rosette if applicable (UK entrants only. International shipping starts at £5 for postage of one rosette.)   


Copies of tests can be found here.

Full details on our annual points league can be found here

Full rules can be found here.  

April Classes




Training Test Copies



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