Terms and Conditions


Horse Shows Online aims to make competing your horse as enjoyable as possible.  In order for this to happen, and for the benefit of everyone, certain rules must be adhered to. By entering the show you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out below.   Breaching of the rules will result in an instant ban from Horse Shows Online.  



Horse Shows Online reserves the right to amend the schedule, prizes, sponsors, judges and rosettes.


Horses and ponies should either belong to the entrants, or be within their care at the time of entering (unless the horse is deceased).   If horses/ponies are on loan/share, or have been sold on, then HSO strongly encourages that permission be sought from the owners before entering.  


The judges' decisions are final


Please remember that HSO is a 'fun' show and is not associated with any breed or showing society's rules etc.  


Once an image has won a particular class (eg. Best Turned Out, Best Headshot etc), the winning image cannot be entered in the exact same class again for two months, although it can be entered in other classes.  This also applies to collages.  


Prizes from sponsors are sent directly from the sponsors themselves, and are completely separate from rosettes and other prizes provided directly from HSO.  HSO will not accept responsiblity for any loss of prizes provided from the sponsors.  


Please note that other than the class number, entrant's name and horse/pony's details, signature of the photographer, and name of the show, if published on the photo, no other text should be included on the photo itself unless otherwise stated in the class rules.  


If the judge is familiar with the horse/pony in "real life", HSO will endeavour to arrange, where possible, a different judge to avoid any conflict of interest as this is a photo show


Any person under the age of 16 must have parental consent to take part in classes.


Horse Shows Online will NOT accept entries from professional photographers that have clearly been used without permission. All entrants must have permission to use any and all images they submit.


Entries will not be uploaded onto the website until the fee for the class has been paid.


It is strongly recommend that a safety hat and PPE be worn.  Judges may look unfavourably on entries depicting behavior they feel is unsafe.


UK entrants:  The cost of second class postage for awards is included in the price of entry.  Horse Shows Online will not be held responsible for any loss or damgage of awards in the post.  If insurance is required then entrants will need to specify this when entering and will have to pay slightly more for Recorded Delivery.  Addresses are not taken from PayPal; it is the entrants' responsiblity to ensure HSO are made aware of any address change.  


International entrants:  International postage for rosettes is £5 for up to three rosettes, and £7 for up to twelve.  This contributes towards International Standard delivery, where compensation for loss will not be able to claimed for from Royal Mail in the event of the prizes being lost in the post.  If you are an international entrant and wish to have your parcel tracked, and receive a tracking reference number which can be used to claim for compensation in the event of the loss of a parcel, then you must specifiy this before rosettes are posted (usually between 2-5 days of results being annouced).  The price for International Tracked will be higher than International Standard.  Due to the recent large increase in overseas postage, prizes from sponsors are sent overseas at the discretion of the sponsor and where customs permits.  An additional shipping fee will be be required for the postage of the prize.  No alternative prize will be offered.  


Addresses are not taken from PayPal; it is the entrants' responsibility to ensure HSO are made aware of any address change.    


Judging will commence after entries close but it could take up to fourty eight hours for results to be posted on the website and on the Facebook page.  


Every effort will be made to ensure winners receive their awards as soon as possible, however it could take up to two weeks from the day results are anounced for winners to receive their prizes.    


If an entry is submitted and Horse Shows Online feels that the entry does not meet the requirements of the class entered (eg. a solid coloured horse entered in a coloured class), Horse Shows Online reserves the right to deny entry.    


Any negative behaviour could result in being denied entry to the show and being removed and blocked from the show's Facebook page.    


Images that have been digitally edited (eg. photoshopped), are not allowed unless stated in the class schedule, although as this rule is can be hard to implement if the photo shopping is very sophisticated, we rely on the competitor's integrity.  Black background entries must have been photographed as a black background shot and not edited and stuck on a black background.  


For the more formal classes, it is recommended that the filter should be normal/natural however brightening and exposure is allowed.   Monochrome/black and white pictures are permitted if they are in fitting with the class description.  


If anyone else, or anyone else's horse is in the main focus in the picture it is strongly recommended that their permission is granted.  


All images sent to Horse Shows Online will be in the public domain.