Horse Shows Online Video Dressage Rules



Show attire does not have to be worn.  

HSO accept entries with any different bit or noseband but no martingales or training aids are permitted.  

The video of the test must not have been previously entered in a HSO dressage competition.  

The person videoing must stand behind "C" (ideally slightly futher back), or as close to "C" as is possible, from where a traditional judge would be sitting.  If the person videoing is not directly behind C, it may make judging the accurary and straightness of the centre line difficult and marks could be lost.  

Riders can enter the same class more than once, but horses/ponies can only be entered once.  

Sound must be switched on.  

Tests may be called, but no instruction/help to be given.  

The judge's decision is final.  

If the video is of poor quality and the judge cannot accurately see movements, marks may be lost.  If the video is deemed too poor quality to be judged then the test will not be entered.    

The zoom function can be used, but the judge must be able to see the full movement - eg. shape of the circle etc.  

The test can be ridden in a field or school, but the area must be approximately 20 x 40 and marked with letters to allow for accurate judging.  

Entry fee covers the cost of 2nd class standard postage, however HSO will not accept responsibility for sheets being lost in the post.  




How To Enter



Please upload your video recording to YouTube and send the link directly to horseshowsonline@hotmail.co.uk, or via message  www.facebook.com/horseshowsonline. Please ensure you include the test number that you are entering, your horse's name, your address, and your PayPal address (if you would prefer to pay by bank transfer please state this on entering).

Please ensure you have read all of the information provided to ensure the video is of best quality for the judges.  Refunds can not be given if the judge is unable to mark your test/parts of your test due to incorrect videoing/poor quality.